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There's nothing like a holiday party at the Accor Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, cocktails in hand. While we were annoyed by the price gouvernance, we were in the mood for celebration and wanted to enjoy our stay. My husband and I found the decorations the hotel put up for Christmas lovely, but at this point the enjoyment stopped.

With one and a half hours remaining before the required check-up, we returned to our room in time to refresh ourselves one last time before we set off to make sure we had picked up our belongings. We were about to leave when, because we didn't want to run late, I picked up the receipts and my husband asked how we could get out of the self-parking garage. I asked the customer service lady sitting at a table in front of the lobby where to put our keys, and she pointed to a wall with a group of people standing around.

I pressed the button to call customer services, but she hung up three times and each time the door was opened. I didn't tell the housekeeper anything because she was only doing what her manager told her to do, which she did, so I just asked her to give us a few minutes to inform us and make sure we had everything before we did. When we went into the lobby to actually check in, I explained what had happened to her and the answer was: "You took all your stuff, nothing was taken, everything is okay.

Finally I put the keys down, found the box and asked the lady at the counter if the manager was available, but she was not. In the meantime, we received a survey about our stay and decided that we would try to express our concerns about this channel. Unfortunately, I cannot say that our family has had the same experience, on the contrary, so I am surprised by all the positive reviews that are reflected here.

We strive to ensure that you stay safe and well in our hotels and museums, and we are committed to the safety of our guests and staff.

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This percentage is calculated on the basis of the room rate at the time of reservation, not on the basis of the actual price. If they were to implement these things now, I would make it clear that the clear aim of this hotel is to plump up the profit with numbers. They are trying to operate as a high-end resort to justify the high prices, when in reality they are a low-end hotel that tries to move the herd quickly by taking their wallets away. As a resort, you are at the mercy of its prices, and then the sleight of hand begins.

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More About Opryland