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One of Nashville's most popular activities is a visit to Broadway, known as Honky Tonky Row. Live music is available almost at any time of day, but when the sun sets, Music City shines like never before. Live music plays all night long, so the road became known as the "Honky - Tonk Highway."

Also consider live music, and you too will decide that Nashville is a strange and wonderful gay holiday destination, no matter where your interests lie. There are gay bathhouses for those looking for some steamy fun in Nashville, but not just any bathhouse.

With a wealth of iconic attractions and interesting activities, Music Valley is the voice for where to stay with your family in Nashville. Here you will find the best restaurants, bars and hotels in Nashville, so I chose the way we stayed when we first visited Nashville. It is a small historic town located about a half hour drive from Nashville, about an hour drive from downtown Nashville, and it is the place to enjoy some more Tennessee cuisine, go shopping or just relax.

Green Hour is a great destination if you want to relax with good music, good food and a good evening in the city. Visit the hip-hop club of your choice while on holiday in Nashville or chill out in one of the many bars and restaurants in the city.

If you have the idea of visiting Printers Alley in Nashville, you will love this bar in the heart of the city, right on the corner of Broadway and Main Street. This bar also has a large dance floor, so if you live east of Nashville, it's an option. If you want to explore Nashville, this pass is handy - we don't call Nashville Music City for nothing.

If you want to explore Nashville for dancing, you can take Broadway (also known as Honky Tonk Highway) to Broadway, but you also have to drive to Nashville to find the best places. Located at the end of Broadway and close to the Cumberland River, it has a large dance floor and a good selection of bars and restaurants. 5 Spot is a Nashville club known for its most popular gay bar tours in the United States. It's a popular option for those dying to start a gay bar tour of Nashville, mainly young liberal tourists who want to see the "best of Nashville" at night.

The Opryland Hotel area includes a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and bars on the ground floor of the hotel, as well as a number of bars and restaurants in the lobby. Near the oprylands hotel you will find a number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs with a good selection of drinks and food.

The George Jones Rooftop offers great views of the grand grand wings and has the largest dance floor in the city. The BB King Blues Club continues the legacy of the King of Blues with a variety of live music and a good selection of drinks, food and beverages.

Whisky Dix Saloon is one of the most popular bars in the city with a wide selection of drinks, food and beverages. The Cahoots are mixed reviews, but compared to the tiny Honky Tonks in downtown Nashville, it's the biggest dance hall I've ever seen. Rippy's has great food, great drinks and great music, and a fantastic dance floor. Bebe's is another great place to listen to live music and be part of a line dance community with great entertainment and great food.

This iconic off-the-beaten-track destination is one of the city's most popular bars with a wide selection of drinks and food and great music.

No matter where you go, there is a room where you can enjoy a cold beer and live music in the classic honky tonk of the south. People come here to see the music, the food and of course the nostalgia and the memorabilia of the old days. When you're done, you'll like everything as you've seen it, with its old school decor, vintage furniture and old photos of the original band. Wherever I go, there is a room where you can enjoy a cold beer and live music In the classic honky tonk of the north, where I'm sure you are.

Most live music venues are located in Gulch, a 20-block area of downtown that includes three historic neighborhoods that have been the epicenter of Nashville nightlife for decades. Located on Music Row in the city centre, it is home to many of the city's most popular bars, restaurants and nightclubs. With a lot of fun spilling over from the Honky Tonks on Broadway to live music, this city is full of great food, great music and great nightlife. Most live music events take place at the Guggenheim Hotel, one of 20 blocks of downtown that span three historic neighborhoods, all of which have been the epicenter of Nashville nightlife for more than a decade. All this is located downtown on Music Row, with a mix of bars and restaurants and plenty of live entertainment.

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