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We've put together a list of the most iconic and popular restaurants Nashville has to offer, and you can choose from the list below, as well as some of our favorite restaurants in Nashville.

With more than 30 restaurants, the Opry Mills Mall is a food and grocery destination. Fifteen minutes northeast of downtown Nashville, the hotel is also within walking distance of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Tennessee Museum of Natural History. Area attractions include the Music City Music Hall of Fame, Nashville Symphony Center and Nashville Opera House.

I'd venture to say I like the food at Green Pheasant as much as the ramen joint in East Nashville, but my favorite is by far. I started with the delicious wraps, paninis and signature burgers that are a must - try them too. Don't forget the fries, try the cocoa and become two - for - ten boys, and start at the bar, which is by far our favourite.

In addition to evening performances, the restaurant serves hickory - smoked ribs, fried catfish, chicken wings and more. This restaurant specialises in a wide range of dishes, from burgers and sandwiches to burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups and pasta.

Broadway audiences will appreciate Midnight Country Breakfast, which serves a variety of breakfast dishes including biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs and biscuits. Biscuit Love, one of Nashville's most popular weekend spots, is located in a location that is often less crowded during main meals. Love at any time of day when it feels like Nashville's food options are not plentiful.

General Jackson does not offer a special children's menu, but the starters are generally child-friendly and you can order individual dishes if you ever prefer. The food is served in a family atmosphere and when it is prepared, so guests can serve it at home or as a side dish when they prepare a family meal at their local restaurant.

If you're short on time and need to have dinner before a concert or Preds game, make use of the free parking at the Nashville Predators "training ground. When staying at a Nashville, Nashville Convention Center or Nashville International Airport hotel, you should definitely have a drink or meal. Book a meal - and make sure you get the best food and drink at one of Nashville's most popular restaurants.

Here you can eat good old, casual food, which is about relaxed clothes, good food and good friends. Ask any Eastern European - Nashvilleillian, old or new - what they will tell you and they will say, "You can't come to Nashville without a good old Tex-Mex. If you're a Northerner, for whom meat on all three sides is the meat of your life, you should definitely try this, as it's one of the best Mexican restaurants in town and a favorite of many Nashvilles.

Foam Mallet is an empire of coffee shops in Nashville, but people often overlook it as an option for a meal that's insane because their food is so good and the range ranges from coffee to burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads and more. If you want curry, go to Maneet Chauhan's first of four concepts to open in Tennessee, and his first - of four concepts to open in Memphis if you want curry.

Jack Arnold learned Southern cuisine from his mother while visiting Vanderbilt and working in the college cafeteria, and opened the restaurant in 1982. This piece of Nashville history is adorned with a neon sign that has been hanging in the same place for almost 80 years. Margot's Cafe & Bar opened in 1984, just a few years after the original Main Street restaurant opened, the first of its kind in Nashville.

The restaurant at the Opry Mills Mall is decorated with critters and memorabilia that give a real bonfire atmosphere. The restaurant with its large outdoor terrace and outdoor bar offers locals and visitors a unique dining experience.

It doesn't hurt that Karl and Sarah Worley also have venison - they change recipes and the cooks kill it. The food scene is on fire and it's harder than ever to be a Nashville restaurant and make it long term. There are so many great ways to experience Music City, but Nashville's best restaurants are also some of the best in the country. This restaurant is a good place to get informed because it serves delicious American and global dishes, so you need to take your time to eat your way through it! There's no doubt there are no restaurants like Nashville, it's hard as ever.

Chef / owner Billy December brought his food truck to Chicago and also opened a Nashville location last summer, and he now has three locations in the Nashville area. He has also spread to neighboring states, bringing some of the best chefs and chefs from his hometown of Chicago. Together with his friend and co-owner John Graham, the pair have created an inviting place with a local and seasonal menu and have been named East Nashvillians' Of The Year 2018.

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