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The Street & Smith Sports Business Journal has named Music City the "best sports city in the country" for 2019. Making a list of the best sports bars in Nashville requires a lot of sports watching, drinking beer and the fact that someone has to do it. Below are the top five self-proclaimed "sports bars" where you can watch a game in Nashville and the surrounding area. They all have seats that help you find exactly where you want to sit, no matter how they throw you out of your seat.

Tennessee State University invites submissions of nominations, applications and expressions of interest to the search firm that supports the university. Browse the list of parks in Tennessee State and see which colleges and universities in your community are following local college sports. Learn about outdoor activities in the state, including hiking, biking, camping, fishing, hunting, canoeing, kayaking and more. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture also shares information about agricultural products found in each state.

Nashville's location helps Tennessee State University recruit the best and brightest students, faculty and staff. Experience is necessary to put our city on the map and make it a destination city. Help us by adding information about local restaurants, bars, hotels, restaurants and attractions within driving distance of Nashville.

Tennessee State University offers more than 1,000 undergraduate and master's programs in a variety of sports. Through our athletic programs, the State of Tennessee strives to play at a high level, to be so good that it can become a nationally recognized program while completing academically superior students as athletes and future leaders. We want to build a winning team and strengthen our sport to be competitive at championship level while offering our students - athletes - an exceptional overall experience.

Check out the full list of Tennessee State University sports teams and try them out for yourself, or take a look at our full schedule of events for the 2014-15 season.

On a nice day in Nashville, you can secure a seat in one of the bars where you can watch TV to welcome guests. There is a 2-for-1 drinks special every day and all major sports are shown on the bar's $25 HD TV. One event you will attend is the Tennessee State University football game against the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Vividseats.com is safe, but it happens in Nashville, Tennessee, so check it out!

If you only have $3, you can visit the Vanderbilt Bears vs. Vanderbilt Commodores, which is the lowest ticket in Nashville. Discover the Mississippi River at Mud Island River Park in Memphis or rent a canoe or kayak in Kingston Springs, Nashville! Rent a pedal boat, go kayaking, canoeing or cycling, or take a trip down the Harpeth River.

Tennessee cuisine includes a variety of home-made dishes such as chicken, pork, beef and pork ribs. Two dishes that are particularly associated with Tennessee cuisine are fried chicken and grilled chicken. Check out our guide to eating in Tennessee for a list of all the types of food you can find anywhere in Tennessee at any time.

College sports is a fun way to watch popular sports and see enthusiastic students cheering on their home teams. Get a glimpse of this part of American culture by watching the Nashville Track Classic, one of the country's largest athletics events, and participating in your area. The Nashville Track Classic is a community track that welcomes people of all ages and abilities.

Presented by Fleet Feet Nashville and Saucony, all proceeds will be donated to Sports 4, a Nashville nonprofit that works to transform people with disabilities into disabled people through sports and healthy activities. The two-day conference will include a wide range of health-related interactive sessions, with many more to come during the day. There is a chance to win prizes and learn more about Nashville programs aimed at the needy. Sports for 4 has been awarded a scholarship by the Nashville Predators Foundation to purchase sports equipment.

The Field Day game involves the Gnash and Nashville Predators, who drop by to play field hockey with the participants.

George Jones, located right on Broadway in downtown Nashville, is a great place to watch the game with a generous spot featuring 20 HD TVs. The sports bar has 15 HD TVs and daily specials, and you get them seasoned in three ways. Sunday is 75-cent-a-day, so you have plenty of opportunities to watch a game with friends and family in the middle of the night on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Ainsworth is a new addition to the Nashville restaurant scene, offering a more upscale, sportier vibe. Tennessee Hot Sliders might just be your new favorite food for game day, but other popular dishes include mac'n'cheese and American burgers. This year's draft broke attendance records, with more than 600,000 fans filling the streets of Nashville for the three-day event. The arena has hosted a number of college basketball events, including the NCAA Final Four, the NBA All-Star Game and the National Championship Game.

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