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If you want to take a quick detour to the music city of Tennessee, we have a list of the most important places to visit - check out the places in Nashville. If not, you're not the only one with ideas for how to spend your time in Nashville and the surrounding area. Whether you're planning a Nashville vacation or a local looking to do something fresh, this list has it all, from the best places to eat, sleep and sleep to everything in between. Get the best things to do in Tennessee, Tennessee with our guide to Nashville's best restaurants, bars, hotels, attractions and more.

Don't forget to plan a visit to the Nashville Zoo, which is another Nashville must-see - see, and you can also take a self-guided hike. During your walk, sample some of the best food in town and visit the hottest spots in Nashville. What fun activities do you need to do in Nashville and the surrounding area?

Performances will take place at the Grand Ole Opry House, located 10 miles from downtown Nashville, as well as the Nashville Opera House and the Music Hall of Fame.

If you still have a car to visit Nashville and want to at least see the real Nashville, why not stay downtown? There is a little more along the way, but it is worth making a pilgrimage, especially if you are a fan of the history, music, art and culture of the city or both. There are a lot of great restaurants, bars, shops, museums and other attractions in downtown Nashville.

See our list of top 10 tourist destinations in Nashville and other parts of Nashville, Tennessee for more places to visit.

The essential music experience in Nashville is the only place where the world - the famous Grand Ole Opry and the country music scene - share the same stage. Take a tour of the museum, browse the art galleries and galleries of the Nashville Music Hall of Fame and the museum, and be sure to visit the Museum of Natural History, Nashville's oldest and most famous museum. After shopping, you should be looking for some great entertainment options at Opry Mills, including the world-famous Grand O'Olympic Opries.

Radio, the radio station that produced the Grand Ole Opry in 1925, is still broadcast live from Nashville's Gaylord Opriesland.

Other family-friendly attractions in Nashville include the Nashville Opera House, Tennessee Museum of Natural History and the Music Hall of Fame. This small historic town, about a half-hour drive from downtown Nashville with its historic buildings, is a place to enjoy more Tennessee cuisine and go shopping. Other top Nashville attractions include wildlife exploration at Nashville Zoo and historic downtown.

If you want to experience many unique adventures in Nashville, Tennessee, check out this list. re in town for a few days, check out our list of ways to explore Nashville music, including the Nashville Music Hall of Fame and the Music City Music Festival. Learn all about the activities in Nashville and the surrounding area during your day and find out more interesting information about the place.

Check your accommodations with our Nashville guide for the first day and visit the Tennessee State Capitol for a tour of the capital city and Nashville Music Hall of Fame. A tour that delves deeper into Nashville's history is topped off with a walk that allows you to take a guided tour of the city's history, from its origins to its present.

You'll be pumped to hear all the country and bluegrass music that flows from the Grand Ole Opry, and explore some of Nashville's classic venues. Visit the Nashville Music Hall of Fame or Tennessee State Capitol and listen to Nashville - the best live country music while enjoying your favorite food and beverages.

My personal favorite is Honky Tonk Central, where the entertainment is spread over 3 floors and it's one of the best things to do on Broadway in Nashville. Music City offers families of all ages Mediterranean charm with a wide selection of restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment venues. The area around the park is one of Nashville's most beautiful parts, surrounded by the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville Music Hall of Fame and Tennessee State Capitol.

Opry Mills, Gaylord Opryland offers days of fun, although you may need a few days or even more trips to explore all that Nashville has to offer. See our article about day trips to Nashville for some really tempting offers to make your stay in Nashville even more memorable.

Add this little theme park to your list of activities you can do with your kids in Nashville and become one of the best outdoor activities you can do around Nashville for kids and adults alike. Written by a Nashville mom, this guide contains 11 fun things to do with kids in Tennessee. From the good things you do to places to go, here are some of our top tips for the best things to do with the kids while doing Nashville. A guide to fun things to do with kids in Memphis, Tennessee, a guide to fun things to do with kids in the Nashville area.

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