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Day 2 of our Nashville Guide, it's time to take to the streets and see what Nashville has to offer! Nashville is a fairly compact city, so you don't have to cover a ton of ground to see all the sights. We # See all the major attractions and sights in the Nashville area, as well as some smaller ones, in our Nashville Guide.

Take a guided tour of the museum, take a fantastic cruise on the General Jackson Showboat, or take a stroll and browse through the many different shops and restaurants in downtown Nashville. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nashville, and definitely visit it!

Check your accommodations in our Nashville travel guide for the first day and see our complete itinerary for the rest of the day in Nashville, Tennessee. Walk up the hill and visit or take from the Tennessee State Capitol. The remaining time on our afternoon program includes a tour of Nashville's historic downtown and a stop at the Nashville Museum of Natural History. View some of our photos from our day trip to Nashville and other Nashville attractions.

If you want to visit Nashville on a budget, you can book a dorm bed at one of the hostels or an overnight stay at a Nashville hostel.

Of course, consider the Grand Ole Opry, which offers tributes to classical country music on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If it's a weekday, opt instead for one of the many weekend concerts in the Nashville Music Hall of Fame, such as the Bluegrass Music Festival.

Google Maps knows all bus routes in Nashville, so check them out to see if you can find one. If you book Megabus early, you can get a seat on one of the more popular buses, such as the Bluegrass Express or Nashville Metro Bus.

As mentioned above, visiting the Tennessee State Capitol Building and Museum is completely free, so head to the building itself first, then to the State Capitol Museum and Building and Nashville Museum of Art.

This park is only open Monday through Friday, but you can use it all day, so we included it as our first stop in Nashville on our weekend tour. This park would be a great stopover for a day trip to Nashville and a short stop on the way back from the Tennessee State Capitol Building and Museum. It is just a short drive from downtown Nashville and the Nashville Museum of Art, so it would be an ideal stop before the rest of our Nashville weekend getaway.

Having fun and having fun is very important, and our Nashville guide offers plenty of opportunities to indulge in some debauchery. If you just stay outside in Nashville and see the music and let go, you won't succeed on your journey.

To make the most of your time in Nashville, our AAA Travel Editors have suggested some of the best free activities in town. Our goal is to help you plan your trip to Nashville and the rest of Tennessee and other parts of North America. A good Nashville guide is not to tell you all the fun things you can do on the first day, or even the second. Riding Greyhound in Tennessee is a very, shall we say, interesting experience and one of my favorite travel experiences.

The route from Nashville to Memphis is full of history, music, culture and nature and invites you to slow down. Fill up your car, drive off and leave Memphis, the birthplace of the blues.

The Opry is one of Nashville's top tourist attractions and means that no matter what show you're attending, you can expect a full, energetic house. Live music in almost every genre under the sun can be found in Nashville venues of all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of shows around Nashville that you can find all night and all week long, whether you're in Nashville or just outside.

One of Nashville's most popular activities is to call it the home of "American music," and it's the perfect place to learn all about the famous style of this music. The John Cash Museum is also nearby and is one of our biggest attractions around Nashville.

This great book, full of rarely seen photos and illustrations, has much to learn about Nashville's history. This creative collaboration between renowned writers and photographers provides a great insight into Nashville.

Nashville, Tennessee, known as Music City, consists of a lot to see, do and eat, especially if you want to see live music. Whether you stay at the Opryland or decide to stop by the Grand Ole Opries just before a show, your time in Nashville would be incomplete without a visit to the city's famous music venues.

Nashville is a great destination for family vacations, especially if your family is attending university and has a perspective on collegial life or if they are interested in exploring the southern perspective of the Civil War. Nashville is not a big city, so don't spend too much time thinking about where to stay in Nashville. The best time to travel is April to October, but it is a good destination - around the clock.

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